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Natural Wooden Hairbrush Massaging Scalp comb 
Air Cushion Relieves Anti-static 
Plus FREE Wide Toothed Comb to Massage Hair Nan
100% All-NATURAL BAMBOO Massaging Function Relaxes the Head, Stimulates, Promotes Circulation and Hair Follicles in the Scalp.
 Airbag Hole Keeps the Air Cushion in Balance with Surrounding Bristles. 100% All-NATURAL BAMBOO Massaging Function Relaxes the Head,
 Stimulates, Promotes Circulation and Hair Follicles in the Scalp. The Oileny Wooden Brush, a Healthy Designed Tool for Hair Care.
 Natural Materials Induce your Hair, Causing NO Damage to Hair Strands or Scalp.
 A Wide-Toothed Design helps Comb Hair Evenly in Day to Day Activities.


  • : Anti static wood hair brush and peach wooden comb do not damage hair. It massages the scalp in order to stimulate blood flow which results in healthy hair. Other benefits include a reduction in: hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even dandruff.
  • Lesser quality wooden combs are made of two pieces of wood Bamboo. Our wooden is high quality silicone airbag(Not ordinary rubber) with good elasticity and are long lasting. The air ventilation holes allow air in and out which allows more heat to get directly to the hair when blow drying.

1 review for Natural Bamboo Wooden Hairbrush Massaging Buy One Get One Free and Comb Ivory

  1. Arika

    Sensitive scalp
    This is exactly what I was looking for. I have a Sensitive scalp, and the brush is actually gentle on my hair .
    The smooth wooden Handel is very comfortable and no static . even my husband like with his short hair ..

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