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What’s Up with Grey Hair?



What’s Up with Grey Hair?

Grey hair is said to be a sign of wisdom and old age, but contrary to popular belief, grey hair does not just come with age. There are several factors that lead one to get grey hair. Here’s the scoop.

About Grey Hair

One cause of grey hair is your genetics. That’s right, grey hair can be hereditary. Based on when mom or dad turned grey, you could turn grey earlier in life, too. Some individuals begin to grey at 20 or 30, while the average population begins to grey around 50 years old or older. Early greying is called “premature greying.” The first few grey strands usually appear at age 30 for men and 35 for women, but some can begin to grey as early as their high school years.

The basis for grey hair comes from pigmentation. Each hair follicle has a certain number of pigment cells that continuously produce a chemical called melanin. It’s this melanin that gives hair its color. As we age, the pigment cells in hair gradually die, causing the grey color to show. Hair that loses most of its melanin turns grey and hair that loses most of its pigment turns white. Grey hair appears slowly over time with a few strands here and there but as hair grows, however, the entire head of hair eventually turns grey.

There’s a myth that removing your first grey hair can cause more grey hair to grow in faster. This is false. Grey hair grows according to your hair’s melanin’s terms. It can take years to become even partially grey.

Preventing Grey Hair

Many people ask how to prevent grey hair from happening; however, to date there is no scientific proof that anything can prevent grey hair. As of now, instant hair color touch up your hair or dying it with a new color are the only ways to “prevent” grey hair from forming. Embrace it, though. We’re convinced that grey hair looks good! In fact, there are some dyes to turn non-grey hair grey.

Remember, though, you are what you eat. Malnutrition can sometimes cause hair to grey. An insufficiency of vitamin A or B-12 can reduce the creation of melanin, so be sure you are taking your vitamins or eating nutritious meals if you aren’t ready for grey head of hair yet.

As grey hair is a part of life, you might as well learn to love it. There’s nothing wrong with a little salt and pepper in the hair!


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